Simple Living

Simple Living and High Thinking
Lessons from Mahatma Gandhi’s Life


Mahatma Gandhi, a man of true words, a great leader, a true fighter who set an example of simple living and high thinking for us.  Non-violence, truth, inspiration and great leadership qualities are what come to our mind when we hear his name.

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Silence is Brahman

Silence is Brahman

Once the disciple Bhaskali approached his guru, Bhava, and asked him where that eternal, the supreme infinite, the Brahman of the Upanishads, was. The master spoke not. The disciple asked him again and again, but the master did not open his mouth. He kept perfect silence. At last the teacher said: “I have been telling you again and again, but you do not understand me. What am I to do? That Brahman, the Infinite, the Eternal, cannot be explained. But, by deep silence, know it. There is no other place for Him to dwell in, but the one eternal deep silence. Ayam Atma Shantah. This atman is silence.”

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The Spiritual Practice
By Swami Satchidananda


The aim of all spiritual practice is to know your real Self, to know the Knower. The Bible says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” But without knowing what your Self is, how can you love your Self in your neighbor? Know your Self and then see your own Self in your neighbor’s Self. Then you can really love your neighbor as your Self. Continue reading


Introduction to Ekadashi


Ekadasi is a wonderful opportunity for all spiritual practitioners to intensify their devotional service and come closer to Krishna. While the Ekadasi day can be seen as an austerity – not eating grains or not using your favourite spices; it is like the poison which turns out to be nectar. The tongue is the most voracious and difficult to control of all the senses but Krishna sends His Prasad just to help us conquer this fickle friend. Ekadasi is another form of Krishna Prasad and just as a child may in later life develop taste for items previously abhorred, we can perhaps keep an open mind that ‘maybe Ekadasi is for me after all.’

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Advaita Vedanta

The Basic Concepts of Advaita Vedanta

The Advaita Vedanta focuses on the following basic concepts:
Brahman, atman, vidya (knowledge), avidya (ignorance), maya, karma and  moksha.


(1)       Brahman is the Ultimate, Supreme Reality. Brahman is eternal. Brahman is beyond words. It is beyond names and forms. Brahman can not be perceived nor could it be described by words. It is beyond senses and intellect. It is indefinable. However, if at all it has to be described; Brahman can be considered as Pure Consciousness. Continue reading

VHP visit World Hindu Parisad



“Hindu community is closely tied society but need more united and cooperated each other into a better and bigger movement and activity to revitalize Hindu in every country.  At least, there 1.3 billion of Hindu of the world, spreading over 120 countries. Hindu contribute an important and significant to the world civilization, a balance of scientifically, spiritual, and cultural aspects”, said Mr. Prashant Hartalkar, Central Secretary of Visva Hindu Parisad, at the meeting with World Hindu Parisad Chairpersons on April 22nd, 2016.  President of WHP, Ida Pedanda Gede Ketut Sebali Tianyar Arimbawa and Secretary General, Prof. Dr. Made Bakta together with The head of WHC Dr. Ketut Donder and other important persons, friendly welcome The respected VHP leader and the delegates.

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