India & Indonesia: Glorifying Civilizations

By Raka Santeri

The people of both nations warmly welcome the TV screening of the Mahabharata, which is played simultaneously in India and Indonesia.  During their visit to Indonesia in early October 2014, their fans hysterically welcomed Yudisthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, Sahadeva and Duryodhana. Indonesian fans are captivated by their roles because it manages to spread the universal truths in the story of Mahabharata, a story of humanity and the Divine, written by Veda Vyasa. Continue reading

Between Rationality and Spirituality

By Raka Santeri

CAN rationality or common sense, mix with spirituality? In general, rationality is considered as the ability to make abstract, understand, connect and finally make a conclusion. Due to that, rationality is considered a human characteristic, different from other living entities.
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Making Men into Gods and Gods into Men

A Reflection on the Thoughts of Rabindranath Tagore:

The growth of Hinduism in Bali has actually reached a high philosophical stage. The 19th Century Indian poet, painter and writer, Rabindranath Tagore, has his beliefs already followed by the Balinese public. Winning the Noble Prize for his literary works in 1913, Tagore was on a mission to “make men into gods and gods into men”. He named his life mission as the “Religion of Man”.

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Sri Jaganathta Ratha Yatra 2014

Sri Jaganathta Ratha Yatra

Sri Jaganathta Ratha Yatra

Ida Pedanda Sebali Tianyar Arimbawa, President of World Hindu Parisad and chairman of the Central Indonesia Hindu Parisad, accompanied by the Secretary General Prof Dr. dr. Made Bhakta, SP.Pd  was present for the Sri Jagannatha Ratha Yatra 2014 Festival of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness which was held in Denpasar, Bali. I Ketut Suastika, SH also attended the event as head of the Bali cultural office and representing the Governor of Bali and the Bali Hindu Parisad.

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BALI as World Hindu Centre, Between Challenge and Expectation

Bali is famous island and very popular in the world, even in tourism perspective Bali is well known better compare to Indonesia. The popularity of Bali has put the island become an “icon” for development of tourism in Indonesia. The people of Bali who are mostly hold Hindu as their religion develop the tourism based on the Bali culture in breath of Hindu. Bali is famous in international tourism world because the people of Hindu in Bali hold strictly to the noble values of Hinduism derived from scripture of “Veda”which has the ancestor noble values with its universal nature, such as: Truth (Sathya), Continue reading

Welcome Remark from the Chairman of the Board of Advisors

Om Swastyastu,


First of all, let us pay homage and express our sincerest gratitude to God the Supreme for His blessings, which allow us to meet through this World Hindu Parisad web. Welcome to the World Hindu Parisad web. The web is launched as part of the preparation for the inauguration of the World Hindu Parisad.

For your information, a World Hindu Summit 2012 was held in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia on 9-11 June 2012. The WHS 2012 produced the Bali Charter, which authorizes the establishment of the Wolrd Hindu Parisad to facilitate the world’s Hindu practitioners, and to hold an annual World Hindu Wisdom Continue reading

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