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“ When you have sathya(truth) and Dharma (right conduct) as your guding light, then you could achieve whatever in your lifer”
(Bhagavan Sri Satya Narayana)



Truth means not only to speak the truth but also to know and practice its spiritual implications.

Know the difference between Satyam (truth) and Sat (eternal existence). Truth is the means to realize that Ultimate Absolute Eternal Existence commonly known as Sat, Brahman, Atma, Supreme God, Ruler, Creator/Sustainer/Destroyer, Father, Krishna, Rama, etc. That realization depends upon the purification of our consciousness.

If the means are pure, the goal and the means become almost one. So it is very important that our intentions stay pure and we practice truth with inner as well as outer actions. All other virtues fall within the sphere of this unique virtue.

As truth and Sat are closely tied, truth leads to Sat. Where there is Sat, there exists pure knowledge and where there is pure knowledge there is an experience of Eternal Joy and Bliss.

Gita unequivocally announces that existence is based on truth and truth alone.
The Ultimate Truth is that you are Atman and Atman alone.
We can achieve this through Abhyasa and Vairagyam (6:35). Abhyasa means spiritual study and diligent search for truth with indifference towards worldly pleasures. Vairagyam means renunciation of worldly desires that lead to suffering and accepting the reality that everything in this world is changing and temporary.
One may wonder what there is to live for if desires are renounced. The answer is love. Because when all else is renounced, love remains. Love cannot be renounced.

It is quite possible for various religions and people to interpret truth differently. But we do know what Lord Krishna preached through the Gita, “Truth is One regardless of time and place.” It must be based on the sacrifice of desires and the control of one’s mind, body and intellect. Any selfishness, gross or subtle, doesn’t belong in this pursuit of the highest order. Further, a true devotee would not hesitate to lay down his own life rather than compromise with the truth.

All great religions of the world teach the basic truth, but it often gets mixed up in narrow interpretations. Therefore, a serious student must possess razor-sharp reasoning to discriminate between the real and the phony. Milk, regardless of the animal it comes from is always white and nourishing to the baby. Likewise, real knowledge is universal. This Eternal Truth helps us realize Sat, which is beyond any duality. While truth and untruth are both within the field of duality, maya, ignorance or prakriti, Sat is not. It is beyond all existence.
–Swami Radhanandaji

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