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Mr. Prasant Haltarkar

(Central Secretary Vishva Hindu Parisad).

Prof. Shiva Kumar Ojha

Prof. Shiva Kumar Ojha

There are so many prejudices where the ancient is too much ritual and orthodocs. They know only rituals. Hindu has no development aspects, worship statue, caste system, always depends on karma, much discrimination. This version spread wholewide over the world. They do not know about Hindu.

To know who and what is dharma, then we have to learn, dive  deeply into the essence of Hindu. Pityly, Hindus people take no intention on it. That is why we need to hold conference, discussion, sharing and working together so that it is able to raise people’s awasrness. Hindu awarness.

People think that the advancement is only owned by western and we bow to them. However, Hindu really develop many things, either science or religion.  When science end, then dharma starts. And when physical science end then spiritual starts.

Some great remains like architecture, mathematics, aeronautics, physics, medical, and the others show how the advanced of hindu. Philosophy, culture, methodology and others.

How hindu give more benefits over youth? Involved them in activity. Then, they will have self-reliant. Take them to participate in every action will influence them. They hav eto be involved in every hindu activity. Give them responsibility in every action. Hindu dharma is not only sitting down and seriously thinking, but have to act and move.


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