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By Prof. Shiva Kumar Ojha

Mr. Prasant Haltarkar

Mr. Prasant Haltarkar

He was born on 23rd November 1933 in a Brahmin family inthe village Bojha of district Etawah (U.P) which is situated by the side of river Shri Yamuna. After getting M.Sc. degree in Mathematics from Lucknow University he obtained Ph.D degree in the area of his specialization “Aerodynamics”’ Department of Aerospace Engineering at I.I.T Bpmbay and continued to remain there as Professor.

During thta period he carried out studying and teaching of different subjects related to the field of Aerodynamics, held various administrative responsibilities, guided research and projects, published research papers, made educational tours abroad and wrote a book entitled as “ Flight Performance of Aircraft” which was published by AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) in U.S.A. Prof. Ojha retired in the year 1995. Soon after retirement he got interested in studying, teaching and research in the area of Indian Culture. Due to his initiative a one-semester course on the subject of Indian Culture got started from the academic session 2002-2003 in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at I.I.T Bombay and he taught it also there for certain years. Prof Ojha also wrote a big book (about 700 pages of bigger size) on the subject of Indian Culture. It is entitled as “ BHARATIYA SANSKRIT MAHAN AVAM VILAKSHANA” )Indian Culture Great and Wonderful) which is in Hindi Language. Depending on the various topics of this book Prof. Ojha also wrote 11 other  books in Hindi Language. These are:

  1. Why is it essential to understand Bharatiya Sanskrit
  2. Why Sanskrit-Hindi significant, how to promote it?
  3. What is the best education?
  4. What is dharma, why it is?
  5. What is happiness-sorrow, why it is?
  6. What are the principal elements of Universe (Creation) ?
  7. What are the specialties of a human body?
  8. What are the center-points and exceptional elements?
  9. Why Indian Culture Great and Wonderful?
  10. What are the Sciences of Karma(Action) and Gyana (Knoeledge)
  11. What is the Science of Devotion?

Presently all these books are in Hindi Language but attempt would be made to get them all translatesd into English Language. The present book is a part of this attempt.

Prof. Shiva Kumar Ojha in his article “Hindu Dharma Based on Vaidic Culture” overview on several aspects of hindu teachings, especially about hindu values practiced everyday in  daily life. Such as Karma (action) , bhakti (devotion) and jnana (illumination). Values of hindu are rootedly live and keep living until recent times in the heart of the community and even more , the world of today learn it not only because of its uniqueness but also as its benefits which is able to describe scientifically over various matter of life.

He emphasize also about several aspects of vedic culture, such as, the purpose of life, the values of dharma, character building and many others.


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