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Ratu Bagus (born I Ketut Widnya, November 1949) is a Balinese guru who developed the spiritual discipline of Bio-energy Shaking Meditation. He claims to transmit healing energy through his touch and picture, which induces spontaneous shaking and laughing in the recipient, releasing them of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual blocks. By training in Bio-energy Shaking Meditation, many people claim to have overcome alcohol and drug dependency, and to have healed many kinds of illnesses and tumours.

Ratu Bagus, which means ‘Good King’, was born into a poor family of nine children. As a young man his ambition was to become soldier as he was drawn to a disciplined way of life. However, after several unsuccessful attempts to join the army, he moved to Jakarta where he became a private officer at a transportation firm and later back to Bali where he became a government officer.
After many years he felt the need to be closer to nature and decided to become a farmer on a plantation at the base of the sacred Mount Agung. As time went by his spiritual aspirations intensified and he began meditating regularly at various sacred sites within Bali. Then one day he experienced a revelation on the slopes of Mount Agung, which left him feeling that his mission was now to help the suffering of humanity. Soon after this he began to form his ashram.

In 1993 an Italian man discovered Ratu’s ashram and since then Ratu’s following in the West has steadily grown. Shaking groups now exist all over Europe and Australia.

Bio Energy Meditation (Shaking Yoga)

Shaking is one of the world’s most ancient healing traditions. Many indigenous cultures have used shaking for healing and spiritual connection. We too can gain tremendous benefit from this ancient healing practice to transform our lives.  Shaking is an active form of meditation using movement and focus to build energy, that then begins to shake us. This experience creates internal heat causing sweating, emotional release, spontaneous movement and laughing.

Shaking is healing. Through this energy practice all energy channels are activated illuminated within the body, which generates an inner fire that clears physical, energetic, emotional or mental blocks. By connecting in this way to the Divine Life Force within us, we awaken our dormant energy and strong healing processes may occur. By trusting and surrendering to this energy practice, many people have reported clearing life-threatening illnesses and many continue to shed blockages and attachments and bring abundant health, joy and an ever deepening connection to their true Divine Self and life purpose.

We are created by energy and once we make the connection to this energy source, we can transform our lives and heal ourselves. With the Ratu Bagus Bio Energy Shaking Meditation practice we can connect to the energy in such a profound and powerful way that the spark that created us reignites and our Kundalini energy wakes us.

Our vibration increases and over time we feel lighter and stronger, until we become one with our true self, which is happy, healthy, loving and peaceful. People from all over the world enter this practice with a desire to heal and liberate themselves and discover happiness within..
What can we learn or experience?

•    Connecting with our soul, who is our last teacher, guide and friend for life.
•    Freeing ourselves from anything that is burdening or blocking us or holding us back from being truly ourselves and feeling vibrantly alive.
•    Clearing personal, genetic or ancestral issues and karma in the form of physical, emotional or mental blocks or illnesses and thus becoming lighter and freer.
•    Healing any kind of sickness with a strong shaking practice and by changing our mindset to positive thinking.
•    Gaining self-knowledge as well as a guidance for living a life based on happiness and truth.
•    Overcoming negativity and becoming positive, active and creative.
•    Surrendering an opening up to a larger intelligence, rather than leaving a ‘small life’ from the mind and he ego, so shifting from the small self do the True Self.
•    Waking up and realizing our greatest potential and believing in ourselves.
•    Moving and shaking from our Soul to gain through true health and happiness.
•    Practicing spirituality rather than just a reading or talking about it.
•    Learning to truly love ourselves.

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