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Kakawin Merdukomala


Om sembah ninganatha
Tingalana detri loka sarana
Wahyadiatmika sembah inghulun
Ijengte tan hana waneh
Sang lwir agni saking tahen
Kadi minyak saking dadi kita
Sang saksat metu
yan hana wong amuter tutur pinahayu
Wyapi wyapaka sarining paramatatwa durlabha kita,
icchanta ng hana tan hana ganalalit lawan halahayu,
utpatti sthitit linaning dadhi kitata karananika,
sang sangkan paraning sarat sakala niskalatmaka kita.

Ouh Lord, we present our humble homage
Please look at by You, Ouh the King of the three world,
We worship You mentally and physically no other,
You just like fire come out ot dried wood,
like oil out of coconut milk, such a supranatural you are,
You are such embodied when someone well done the essence of dharma sastra
You are omipresent, the essence of ultimate and supranatural truth, Your grace is creating, and destroying  everything, small and big, good and bad. You are the source of all livings beings, the living and death of them. You are the source and the target of all real world and the embodiment of supranatual.

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