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World Hindu wisdom meet 2017

Gubernur Bali

Gubernur Bali

I Made Mangku Pastika
The Governor of Bali
(Keynote speech)
Natya mandala isi denpasar, SUNDAY,June 11, 2017

At this era of  global system, hindus people should be able to live a good life, to meet their needs and realize their welfare based on religion teachings. Religion and knowledge should be able to make people “alive”. Otherwise it would be neglected.

Hindu Must be simple, rational dan aplicable

Hindu must be universal

Hindu must be easy to be understood

Hindu must give benefits

Build bridges do not build walls

Hindu education program as well as the development of Hindu Human Resources quality will be greatly determine hindu existance in the future.

In this era of globalisation, with the advancement of science and technology, the phenomenon of moral become seriously increase here and there. Starting from social conflicts until radicalism. We have to take a real action to safe Hindu, however we still keep the harmony of unity in diversity in this belove earth.

I want to express my concerns about hindu condition nowadays. We have to aware that Hindu are facing the complexity of global challanges.

I start it by the picture of often conflicts happened among Hindu people, In bali and other places, even almost all arround the world. It is because hindu people comprehend religion merely on the level of ritual. They have not really mastered yet the element of “susila” (ethics) and “tatwa” (philosophy),evenmore to practice it. Essentially, religin has three basic inseparable frameworks, namely: “tatwa” (philosophy), “susila” (ethics), and “upacara” (rituals).

At the level of “tatwa” (philosophy), the philosophical source of Hindu is Weda. Weda is the source of knowledge, material science (“aparavidya”) and spiritual (“paravidya”) which is the embodiment of “natural law” involve all aspects of life, which is absolute. Weda is the teachings of dharma, the universal truth, as well as eternal (“sanatana dharma”).It is because of less precise method in the proces of internalisation possibly make Hindus people not on the way of their will and capability development to practice hindu teachings in real life, even more to become Hindu.

“Tatwa” dictate that universally all human believe in God, Atman, Karmaphala, Punarbhawa, and Moksa. Then, tatwa for Hindus people is Universal truh values.

Hindu step of learning should directed in order they know  (“to know”),then, they  enable to practice (“to do”), and at last becoming Hindu (“to be”). All practices of Hindu concept going to the step, such as: Catur Asrama: starting from “Brahmacari”, “Grahasta”, “Wanaprasta”, and “Bhiksuka”.

At the level of “susila” (ethics), Hindu has taught ethics inseverak concepts, like: “Tri kaya parisudha, Tri hita karana, Vasudewa kutumbakam, Tat wam asi”, and “desa(place) , kala(time), patra(situation)”. There are surely other more concepts that havae been implemented as Hindu ethics of values.

At the level of upacara/ritual, “outer layer ” of religion, mostly depend on “desa, kala, patra”.

It make the difference Hindu in Bali with others, even with Hinddu all arround the world.

At the end of 2016, at National Conference of Interfaith Harmony Forum in Bali, a Moslem leader from Medan ask me: “Is it different Hindu in Medan and in Bali?”. I answered ,  “It is different, because of the ritual matter “. Evenmore, In Bali there are at least “1.488 different Hindu”, as being 1.488 custom Village, which by each autonomy they have their own ritual concept although they keep refering to “tatwa” Weda.

These three elements of “tatwa”, “etika” and “upacara”, should be taught and practiced by all religious people in their whole life. It would be not complete if they understand and practice one or two element only.Therefore, Hindu taught people to step the way in accordance with their ability to achieve or worship God by “catur marga(four ways)”,namely :”bhakti marga” by ritual or upacara, “karma marga” by ethics, as well as serta “jnana” and “raja marga” by Tatwa.

Facing a global age, according to Prof. Rhenald Kasali, it has  3S features, namely: “speed”, “surprise”, and “suddenshift”, any big question: “what is going on? ” and “Why Hindu seemingly gradually fade away?”.

In this global age, Hindu should  At this era of  global system, hindus people should be able to live a good life, to meet their needs and realize their welfare based on religion teachings. Religion and knowledge should be able to make people “alive”. Otherwise it would be neglected.

WE have to stop arguing and made consflicts.Let us make religion practical. Let us implement Vedic teachings to be our guide and being able to create a better life.

Just like a common marketing science, the product will be accept by consumer if it is “good, useful, reliable, applicable, practical”, and “easy, compact, pretty” aw well as “attractive”. It is really the realization of “satyam, shivam, sundaram” philosophy at the moment.

Yes, religion is not a product, however if we have a good method on its ritual to make it easy and loving, then Hindu will be getting developed and give much more benefits for the people welfare and world peace. 

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