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World Hindu Parisad

World Hindu Summit 2012 produced the Bali Charter, which encapsulates the spirit of realizing   harmony and peace and spreading the wisdom of Hindu (Sanathana Dharma) following the local tradition (Genius). The Bali Charter states an establishment of a World Hindu organization that will be called the World Hindu Parishad with a vision to unite all Hindu based organizations in the world, coordinating services and activities of its members and to spread the Hindu Dharma globally.

With the establishment of such independent organization, not connected with politics, the world Hindu community can unite more with better coordinated activities as members will work more in synergy. This will also strengthen the solidarity between members, as the organization in its functioning will uphold equality of all members, and if a problem arises internally or externally, its resolution will follow peaceful approaches such as dialogs, mediation and reconciliation.

The Description of World Hindu Parisad Logo


Logo WHP revisi (2)

1. The holy script ”Ang Ung Mang – AUM” as the center point of the logo depicts symbol of Ida Hyang Widhi Wasa / The Almighty God = ”Omkar”  in Devanegari script.

2. Jewel beads with large and small sizes strung together to form a ‘rosary’ symbolizes Rwa bhineda (difference: large and small). These items amounted to 33 as the simulation of number 11 and number 3.

3. The outer shape describes the light beam that visually depicts the emmission of the holy script in the mid-point. These light beams lead to the 8 directions which are the compass directions, symbolize as a global territory of WHP to embrace Hindu organizations around the world. Each section (direction) has also 8 beams of light symbolizing the 8 directions in each compass.


1. The golden color is adopted which symbolizes the organization’s goals to uphold the glory and a place for a meeting (temu wirasa) among various Hindu organizations in the world.

2. It does not use the background color, visually it will adopt different background color of the objects (paper or other objects where the logo is used).  Philosophically, the ‘blank’ background symbolizes ‘none or nothing’ as a basic characteristic of Ida Hyang Widhi Wasa which cannot be visualized.

Text / Post:

1. Displaying text / writing of the organization: WORLD HINDU PARISAD as the name of the organization. The Text is in black color with Arial font type so that it is easier to read within a reasonable distance.

2. Satyam, Sivam, Sundaram


Logo WHC (2)

It is basically the same with the logo of the World Hindu Parisad, but it has slightly two differences:

1. Ongkara is in Balinese script.

2. The words “World Hindu Parisad” is replaced by “World Hindu Centre”

Designed by Mr. Widnyana Sudibia

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