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Minister of Religions Affair

Excellencies Bali Province Governor

Excellencies Indonesia Hindu Council Chairman

Excellencies all delegates of World Hindu Summit

Om Swastiastu

Prosperity and peace for all

In this good occasion, let us thank the god for his mercy, we can meet us here un healthy and good condition.

We gather together in order to attend opening ceremony of World Hindu Summit 2012 un Denpasar Bali.

All respectful colleagues

On behalf of Indonesia government, I Welcome all the participants from all over the world, it is really a very happy occasion that we can meet us in Bali Island with the famous name as The Island if Gods and The Island of Paradise, we are here ti share our experience and try to find solution for Hindu’s problem.

I Appreciate deeply the World Hindu Summit white theme “ Harmony and Peace from island of Gods, Bali Indonesia” as known that Bali is one of the gate way to know Indonesia

Indonesia with Pancasila Ideology respect religious life as universal and basic right of Indonesia peoples. Since Republic Indonesia founded, the tolerant life plays important role among the religions in Indonesia. The Republic of Indonesia government guarantees the freedom of every citizen in implementing their believe.

Creating  the harmony and peace is the expectation and needs of human beings in religions life, we can improve our dynamic religion understanding and also can strengthen the role of religions leader and character building and civilization of the nation, and increase the tolerance of the people until to grass root level.

Religion functions as a fundament of nation’s ethic and moral in creating the civilized nation with peaceful and harmonious life in this world. Because of that reason the World Hindu Summit 2012 has significant meaning in the effort of establishing world peace and prosperity of human beings

The effort is establishing world harmony need a good understanding and behavior of religion followers. These basic principles become the start point of creating world harmony as it is expected.

All happy participants,

On this occasion I do hope that the presence of World Hindu Summit 2012 participants could spread out the message of peace and harmony all over the world. At the same tine, it is expected that, this peace become the new spirit for Indonesian in creating the tolerant, harmonious and peaceful  in the earth.

I hope this World Hindu Summit can result recommendation for supporting the effort of making world peace, and this meeting can be continued with other meeting which has the same goal in establishing friendship based on religion consciousness

Before I close my speech, I congratulate all participants of World Hindu Summit 2012 and wish the meeting will run smoothly.

With god mercy, I State that World Hindu Summit is officially opened, may God give health, peace to all of us.

Denpasar 6 June 2012

The Minister of Religions Affair Republic of Indonesia

Suryadharma  Ali

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