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S.N. Suwisma







My highly respect honor to the Holy Priest, Dharma Gurus, from all over the world.

His Excellency,

  • President of Republic of Indonesia, Mr. SusiloBambangYudhoyono
  • Governor Bali Province, Mr. Made Mangku Pastika
  • DharmaAdhyaksa Hindu Dharma Council of Indonesia, Ida Pedanda Gde Ketut Sebali TianyarArimbawa
  • Dear delegates and observer World Hindu Summit 2013

Om Swastyastu,

First of all let us pray and worship to the grace of God Almighty for His blessings so we can attend in togetherness in this”World Hindu Summit 2013″.

On behalf of the Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia (Hindu Dharma Council of Indonesia) and the Indonesian people who embrace the teachings of Hinduism, we warmest welcome to Bali, Indonesia.

Bali island is one of the thousands of islands in Indonesia. For the size of Indonesia, Bali island is small. However, Bali holds many nicknames. Bali is the island of gods, Bali is the island of a thousand temples, Bali is the island of peace, Bali is the island of tolerance and harmony, and many other nicknames. And I believe, since the moment of “World Hindu Summit 2013” we should be given another nickname for this beautiful island of “Bali is the island of Wisdom“.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is an honor for Indonesia to re-organize our “World Hindu Summit” in this year. This “World Hindu Summit 2013” is the embodiment of noble task mandated by the “World Hindu Summit 2012“.

“World Hindu Summit 2012” which we have successfully carried out resulted in some agreements and decisions being poured into the “Bali Charter“. Two of these decisions is establishment an organization named World Hindu Parisadwith its operational bodyWorld Hindu Center which was centered in Bali and held regularly once every year”World Hindu WisdomMeet “.

I wished this “Hindu World Summit 2013” could really realize the noble task mandated. In accordance with the Hindu spirit appreciate and respect the differences, it is reasonable in discussions and dialogue during this meeting occurred many differences. Differences are beautiful, because of the difference that we can train ourselves to control ownself and give recognition to other opinions that different. Hindu Spirit also teaches us to unity in divinity, so in the spirit of brotherhood let’s swatch meeting point of the differences that exist so into agreements. I believe, as followers of Sanatana Dharma we were able to make Sathyam (Truth), Shivam (Wisdom), and Sundaram (Purity) as a spiritual and ethical foundation in every discussion and debate in this meeting.

 Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Global challenges of our lives together on this earth on this time being expect Hindu to actively contribute to develop civilizationof mankind in a more civilized, harmonious, and peaceful through the values ​​of Hindu is msuch as the beautiful and universal brotherhood of mankind and all creatures (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam), loving each other human beings and all beings (Tat Tvam Asi); including harmoniou sliving teaching Tri Hita Karana. Tri Hita Karana is our local wisdom whichlead us to live peacefully and harmoniously to the Almighty God, live peacefully and harmoniously to human being, and live peacefully andharmoniously to the environment.

I strongly believe Hinduism to become a pioneer in responding to these  world challenges, and I believe the attitudes and the basic principles to address these challenges started in this “World Hindu Summit 2013“.

Welcome to Bali, welcome to Indonesia, welcome tofollow the “World Hindu Summit 2013“, may th beauty and peaceful of Bali gives positive vibrations to all of us so this”World Hindu Summit 2013” led to decisions that are positive and beneficial to the advancement of Hindu and the civilization of mankind on this earth.

This “Hindu World Summit 2013” can be organize due to  an active role and contributions of  many parties. Therefore ,on this occasionI would like to thank the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Minister of Religious Affairs of Republic of Indonesia, the Governor                     of Bali and the Regional Leaders of both the Government of Bali Province and City/Districts in Bali, the Committee  of  WHS, social organizations,and other parties. Of course, I also wish to thank you all delegates and observers who are pleased to present at this summit.

With my love to you all, please allow me to end my welcoming speech with an universal prayer from the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad:

Asato ma sadgamaya
Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
Samasta Loka Sukino Bhavantu
Samasta Loka SukinoBhavantu
Samasta Loka Sukino  Bhavantu

OM Shanti ShantiShanti


Loving God,
Lead me from the untruth to the Truth.
Lead me from darkness to Light.
Lead me from death to Immortality.

May the Lord bless the whole world with eternal peace and goodwill.
May the Lord bless the whole world with eternal peace and goodwill.
May the Lord bless the whole world with eternal peace and goodwill.

Peace peace peace by grace of God Almighty.

Mayjen TNI (Purn) S.N. Suwisma

President Executive Board Hindu Dharma Council of Indonesia

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