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Chairman Steering Comm.

Speech from Chairman Steering Committee

 Sumantri Mantik

Respected ladies and gentlemen, a very warm welcome to you. May your stay in Bali be a very memorable and enjoyable one.

It is very interesting to note that the Vedas give a very important role to the word “ TRUTH” SATYAM. Truth is said to be the beginning and also the end of religion. This is not some thing small or insignificant, because in every stage of enlightenment and also in the history of the Vedas, supremacy is automatically given to the “POWER OF TRUTH ” and nowhere in religion is there a verse or mantra which states otherwise. RELIGION IS TRUTH. In the Reg Vedas, it is stated clearly that anything that is inconsistent with changing times has to be eradicated or wiped out.

Through progressive religious interchanges in tradition, logical  thinking and living values, Hinduism has grown and adjusted to changing times. Religion and philosophy, art of living and thinking, that is not only good in theory but also relevant and efficient in practice is needed. We, the Hindus, rise through thoughts, and thoughts, in turn,  help to uplift our lives. This process is on – going and has helped to enlighten and improve our way of life through the centuries. Hinduism is such a dynamic and flexible spiritual source of inspiration and improvement for better and higher living standards. Tradition has also got to keep up with changing times so that new and better ways are created to help people live  free, democratic and peaceful lives. This process of change and upliftment has happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future. If tradition remains stagnant, the followers will die a spiritual death. In the history of Hinduism, leaders who think and act, have continued to experiment with new ideas  for more improvement, to cope with challenges during changing times.

I sincerely hope that our getting together here will help to create a workable and peaceful way to create a better life style for all Hindus world wide.

Thank you.

Mr. Agus Sumantri Mantik

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