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Chairman Working Comm.

I M Bakta

Om Swastyastu

His Holiness Swamiji, Guruji, Ida Sulinggih, Brothers and Sisters

First of all, on my capacity as the Chairman of the Working Committee of the World Hindu Parisad, I would like to great you all with a very warm welcome to the World Hindu Summit Meeting 2013, welcome to Bali and welcome to Island of God. This meeting is a very important and very historical, in which Hindu religious leaders, community leaders and Hindu organizations attend the meeting to achieve agreement in pioneering the WHP and WHC.

On behalf of the Working Committee, Hindus in Bali, and Hindus in Indonesia, we are delighted to express our thankfulness for the presence the holiness brothers and sisters, on the WHS Meeting. We are honoured and proud that this small island becomes a historical place. Hopefully, the spirit of all Hindus in the world will be blooming from the island of Bali

Let us pray that the Almight God, Ida Sang hyang Widhi Wasa, Asung Kerta wara nugraha, may bless and guide us to gain the objective of the meeting that is to establish the World Hindu Parisad and the World Hindu Centre.

We believe in the immortality of Hinduism (sanatana dharma), the values ​within are very high and will never be cracked by age. Hindusm like pearls buried deeply in the mud, it cannot be seen from the surface. it seems that as if these values ​​are neglected. Consequently, Hinduism is considered incapable to resolve world’s various problems in various aspects of life.

Considering the problems above, the leaders of the Hindus all over the world carried out the World Hindu Summit 2012 on June 6 to June 9, 2012 in Denpasar, Bali. The meeting launched the Bali Charter, which has the mission to unity of Hindu organizations in the world, coordinating service activities, as well as mandating PHDI to form a Working Committee for preparing the establishment of WHP and WHC.  Under the mandate of the Bali Charter, we organize the WHS Meeting in 2013 to achieve the goals of Bali Charter. Therefore, we expect all participants to be able to devote his mind and take action to realize the WHP and WHC and its strategic programs in order to encrease the pride of Hindus in the world.

On this beautiful occasion please allow us to express our thankfulness and highest appreciation to the Minister of Religious Affairs, Directorate General Guidance of Hindu, Governor of Bali, PHDI, The holiness Swamis, Guru, Ida Sulinggih, all members of the Working Committees, Steering committees, and Organizing Committees, brothers and sisters, Bali Local Government/City, as well as for all those who have helped us in various ways to make the WHS 2013 Meeting possible.

Congratulation, Enjoy the Summit meeting, we wish you all a success.

A no bhadrah kratavo Yantu visvatah

All the good things come from all directions.

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih, Shantih, Om.

Chairman of the Working Committee

Prof. I Made Bakta, PhD

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