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The WHC Programs



World Hindu Centre, here in after abbreviated  to WHC, is the implementing organ of the World Hindu Parisad (WHP). In accordance with the Statute of the WHC, the missions of the WHC can be formulized as follows:

  1. Implement all the policies and programs of WHP.
  2. Carry out the study of all aspects of the Hindu religion in order to improve the quality of the
    Hindus in the field of philosophy (tattwa), ethics (susila) and rituals (acara), in line with the goals of WHP.
  3. Carry out the World Hindu Wisdom Meet every year as recommended by WHP.

In order to achieve the aims of WHP and WHC optimally, the WHC’s missions have to be developed into general programs. Then the general programs of WHC should be broken down into realistic, feasible and measurable action programs by the departments within the WHC.

The programs of WHC can be folded in three categories:

  1. The implementation of policies / programs of WHP
  2. The preparation of the World Hindu Wisdom Meet
  3. The consolidation and development of WHC organization.

A. The Implementation of Policies / Programs WHP

The programs of WHP that are going to be declared in WHS 2013 Meeting include:

  1. Hindu People Resilience
  2. Education
  3. Economics
  4. Social, Culture and Politics
  5. Environment
  6. Religion and Pluralism

Besides the programs specified by WHP, the departments established by WHC needs to develop programs in accordance with their respective fields:

  1. Child and Youth
  2.  Women’s Empowerment
  3. Elderly Welfare
  4. Language and literature
  5. Cultural and Spiritual Tourism

B. The Preparation of the World Hindu Wisdom Meet

WHC has an obligation to implement the World Hindu Wisdom Meet every year by developing some topics that have been set up by WHP:

  • 2013: Environment
  • 2014: Hindu character-based Education.
  • 2015: Strengthening the Economic of Hindu
  • 2016: Ayurvedic Health
  • 2017: Hinduism Culture

C. The Consolidation and Development of WHC Organization

  1. Completing the personnel of WHC boards.
  2. Completing the international standards supporting facilities.
  3. Strengthening the Good Governance of the organization.
  4. Developing study, research and the structure of the organization.



1. The Hindus Resilience

  • Carry out study on the threat to Hindus in various countries
  • Formulate ways and efforts to improve the resilience of the Hindus in different countries.
  • Develop the Hindu study center and pesraman.
  • Develop programs to improve the service (srada-bakti) so that the Hindus can survive against the outside and inside threats.
  • Identify problems of conversion all over the world, examines the causes and formulate action programs to prevent conversion.

 2. Education

  • Examine the basic concepts of Hindu-based education in the different countries.
  • Develop a model of Hindu-based education in the context of each country.
  • Improve the Hindu-based educational institutions in various countries
  • Build a strong network among Hindu educational institutions around the world.
  • Encourage the exchange of scholars and faculty between Hindu educational center, especially with India.
  • In the long term, prepare the world-class Hindu University as part of the WHC.

 3. Economics

  • Prepare a draft of the Hindu-based economy by inviting Hindu experts in economy all over the world
  • Carry out regular Hindu economic Forum meetings, working with similar forums that have been established.
  • Encourage collaboration among the Hindu Council in each country to improve the economic security of the Hindus.
  • Establish the world Hindu economic and financial institutions.
  • Build a strong network among Hindu businessmen in the world
  • Promote the local Hindu-based economic institutions (e.g. LPD) to the world level.

 4. Social, Culture and Politics

  • Carry out the programs to enhance the role of local culture (local genius) in strengthening the resilience of the Hindus.
  • Build cooperation among the Hindu Council in different countries to implement programs for solving social problems within Hindu community.
  • Build  Hindu cultural center as the part of WHC
  • Excavation and preservation of Hindu sites in the world
  •  Build a network among Hindu politicians to strengthen the resilience of the Hindus, especially in areas where they are a minority group.
  • Increase the political role of the Hindus in each country so that they can participate nationally and internationally.
  • Develop Hindu-based programs of peace and democracy in the world.

 5. Environment

  • Deepen the environmental studies as guided by the Holy Vedas and other Hindu Scripts.
  • Carry out environmental programs based on Hindu filisophy
  • Deepen the study of the Tri Hita Karana as a basic concept and spread them out. And then create the action programs as the implementation of the concept of Tri Hita Karana.
  • Build a network with organizations which have strong environmental concerns.
  • Preparing Hindu Environmental Studies Center as part of the WHC

6. Health and Ayur Vedic Knowledge

  • Deepen the study of Ayur Veda and disseminate the concept.
  • Develop the higher health education of Ayur Veda and Ayur Veda hospitals as part of WHC
  • Review the health concept of local genius as complement of Ayur Veda in different areas.

7. Religion and Pluralism

  • Increase the understanding of the scriptures (Sruti, Smerti, Upanishads, etc.) by providing opportunities to Sulinggih, Sulinggih candidates, experts, and youth to pursue education both in formal and non-formal way.
  • Establish a strong network between Sulinggih and Hindu religious leaders around the world
  • Develop the basic principles for tatwa, etika, and upakara that has international dimension.
  • Develop local knowledges to enrich the Hindu religion by gradually reducing practices that are contradic to the teaching of Vedas.
  • Take an active role in the inter-religious dialogue
  • Build the Advocacy Team for the Hindus who are suffering from racist problems in the world.

8. Child and Youth

  • Develop programs to improve children and young generation health and education
  • Develop and carry out programs for Hindu youth activities
  • Build a strong network among Hindu youth organizations in the world

9. Women’s Empowerment

  • Carry out the study for the role of women from Hindu religious aspect
  • Carry out programs for the empowerment of Hindu women
  • Build networks among Hindu women’s organizations in the world

10. Elderly Welfare

  • Carry out the study of elderly from Hindu persective.
  • Build Hindu-based programs for the elderly
  • Develop a Hindu-based Home for Elderly

11. Language and Literature

  • Establish Sanskrit teaching center
  • Improve the Sanskrit language skills among Sulinggih and the Hindus to improve the understanding of holyscriptures.
  • Establish a system for expert exchange in Sanskrit language between India and other countries
  • Translate the scriptures / Hindu literatures into the national language of various countries

12. Cultural Tourism and Spiritual Tourism

  • Study the concept of Hindu-based cultural tourism and Hindu-based Spiritual tourism
  • Develop a Hindu-based spiritual tourism among members


In accordance with the Bali Charter’s mandate, the WHC must carry out the World Hindu Wisdom Meet annually. WHP have determined different topics for five years to be discussed during the World Hindu Wisdom Meet.  WHWM must be well prepared by the board of WHC.


a. Completing the personnel of WHC boards.

     The personel of WHC boards must be completed, especially the need for international experts.

b. Completing the international standard supporting facilities.

  1. Secretariat for organization
  2. International library
  3. Training Center

c. Strengthening Good Governance for organization

      Develop SOP for good governance and accountability of the organization

d. Developing study, research and the organization structure

  1. Strengthen the structure of the WHC continuously.
  2. Establish departments according to the needs of the organization.

Denpasar, May 25, 2013

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