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WHW Meet 2014

सा विद्या या विमुक्तये

 vidya  vimuktaye” — knowledge is that knowledge which liberates.

World Hindu Parisad (WHP) and the World Hindu Centre (WHC) have just formed in 2013 through the 2nd World Hindu Summit in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. One of its tasks is organizing the World Hindu Wisdom Meet which aims to discuss Hindu wisdom for the brotherhood, unity, progress and welfare of Hindus around the world in particular and for the progress of world civilization in general.

In World Hindu Wisdom Meet (WHWM) 2014, will be discussed major themes, namely Hinduism Based Education. This issue is very urgent and should be immediately considered by Hindus all over the world as an important gift to be passed to our young generation.  It is important that Hindus are expected to be a superior human resource and virtuous. Hindus can be equivalent, complementary, mutual respect and acting even more on the world stage with other people. We should be aware that any progress in any field in the world is always based on one thing, which is educationविद्या (vidyā) is knowledge or education. A state will evolve and will have an honor in the world if the country put education as a priority for its people. Proven in Asia alone, for example Singapore, South Korea or Japan is a country that is not big in size, with limited natural resources, but they are in the reality in the international political and economic arena is taken into account. They have the same characteristics, namely the strength of the economic fundamentals are high, the progress of science and technology, a high level of social welfare and of course, the most prominent of this country is how they have the vision and the mission ahead to prepare a human resources (HR) qualified. But all of that achievement is not something that can be achieved with immediate, easy and free of charge. Achievement must be redeemed by a hard work, dedication, discipline, responsibility and unyielding spirit.

The challenge for the future of Hindus is not only improving the human resource aspects of Hindus in mastering technology so that we can compete globally in a positive and fair with the caliber of HR Internationally. But Hindu education is capable of producing a holistic, intelligent and virtuous human resource. We all believe that this is the state of the world needs today. Civilization on earth requires not only technologically advanced HR but once again appreciate all virtuous existence and dimensions of life as the teachings of Tri Hita Karana which creates harmony. Of course this is a challenge that is not easy at all. But the spirit of togetherness, unity and mutual support with all potential the Hindus have all over the world then this is not impossible.

During this time it must be recognized that there is perception in the world that the Hindus are kind of people who love only perform religious rites, artsy culture, traditional mystical force and others that are less modern. Hindus perceived less exist in the field of development of science and technology. This paradigm we must immediately change with great efforts; while we admit that it is a fact that we have a noble culture and we have been spiritual, however we need to promote education based on modern Hinduism. The actual progress achieved by Hindus all over the world today is not entirely as perceived. It must be admitted that the Hindus in India in particular has been a pioneer existence throughout the world with a wide range of science and technology mastery, so this time India can be one of the super powers, aligned with other major countries. India is a valuable asset for the advancement of Hindus in the world.

It is expected that in the near future World Hindu Parisad and the World Hindu Center can play its strategic role to unite all the forces of the Hindu in the world into one vision and mission together and move forward together based on dharma to create a better world civilization and happiness of all mankind.

WHWM 2014 will be with the theme Hinduism Based Education, this theme is taken as a form of responsibility for all the Hindus to Hindu Young generations around the world so that all Hindus have access to the best education, affordable, modern and most importantly of all it is a virtuous character in accordance with the teachings of the dharma. This is in accordance with what one’s words Hindu spiritual leader said: ”The End of Education is Character. The end of every religion is Love.

The chaos and bustle of today’s world, one of them due to the fact that education is directed to deliver only a smart person but lack of character. As a result most of the prisons in the world filled by smart people who got lost on the way and eventually become criminals. Hindus should be more aware and increasingly eager to rediscover the noble path taught in the Vedas that intelligently and harmoniously adjusted to the demands of the current era or according to the proper place, time and the situation.

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