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C. Activities

Kṣirārnawa and ISSI, Denpasar, Bali.
Lodging for guest speakers: at Grand Bali Beach Hotel – Sanur, Denpasar.
Accommodation for national participants: at Bali Government Training Complex.

C.2. WHMM 2014 Agenda
World Hindu Wisdom Meet 2014 will be held for 3 days, on April 16 to 18, 2014, with the details are as follows:
16th April 2014 : WHP ( World Hindu Parisad) Meet
17th April 2014 : WHW ( World Hindu Wisdom)Meet 2014
18th April 2014 : Tirthayātrā (pilgrimage)

C.2.1. First Day
WHP Meet is held with the following agendas:

  • To further consolidate the organization & to strengthen WHP & WHC in Bali, Indonesia and worldwide.
  • To discuss the work program of WHC & WHP short term, medium and long term.
  • To discuss the role of WHP and WHC as the World Hindu organization to be more actively involved in the International Hindu issues and challenges.
  • To discuss line of communication  between WHP and Hindu representatives around the world or some sort of official Hindu Parisad residing in each country, so that WHP could play its role in Hindu world arena in the form of sharing, best practices of Hinduism in each country, as well as the challenges and opportunities and other models of cooperation among countries.
  • To discuss the agenda or program of Hindu around the world so if there are events in each country or region can attend each other, at least send a representative.
  • To seek the possibilities of cooperation in the field of economics for the Hindus all over the world for the welfare of Hindus and to seriously discuss the funding for the WHP & WHC.
  • To seek the possibility of establishing a Hindu Bank.


C.2.2.  Day 2

WHWM 2014 will invite leaders of Hindu world-class education to share their experiences in the struggle to establish Institutions of advanced and modern emphasized in Hindu values ​​and universal human values. It is a phenomenon nowadays in the world that education only stressing to deliver only smart people but less human values and harmony.  It is a vocation and a challenge for us, the Hindus to lay a solid foundation for our children. We need to pass on a legacy of virtue through a true religious education through the best education and modern.


In this WHWM, when time permitting, the below supporting topics also relevant and may be discussed including:

  • What is the Vedic Culture?
  • Culture for daily Vedic Hindu Family Practice – Daily Sadhanā
  • Vedic teaching for Hindu Students
  • Vedic Culture in Modern Society
  • Hinduism and its challenges on the less competitive Human Resources
  • How to prevent the conversion from Hinduism to other religions?
  • Interfaith dialogue on Hinduism
  • Basic rules and understanding to be a Hindu
  • International Society for the Hindu – Hindu best Education Model
  • International Foundation for Hindu – Hindu Student scholarship
  • Contribution of Hinduism to the World
  • What are the Human Values ​​?

Living Truth in life by practicing:
• Honesty
• Quest for Knowledge
• Dignity
• Integrity
• Equality

Practicing Right Conduct through:
• Respect for others
• Responsibility
• Discipline
• Courage
• Helpfulness
• Gratitude

Fostering Peace by developing: 
• Patience and Calmness
• Perseverance
• Understanding
• Healthy Living
• Self-respect
Nurturing Love in life by:
• Caring and Sharing
• Friendship
• Tolerance
• Compassion
• Kindness
• Generosity

C.3. Day 3 (Yatra)
Tirthayātrā on the third day is an optional event. Closing dinner was held on 17 April 2014. Tirthayātrā is a social event that aims to introduce Bali further to all delegates. It is also an event for the delegates to get to know each other.
Tirthayātrā of this year is to visit Besakih temple, the mother temple of Bali.  Then we proceed to Kintamani which is very well known worldwide because of its beautiful scenic view. After lunch there are several optional programs that are recreational. The event closed with farewell Dinner.

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