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World Hindu Summit 2012

An International Hindu Forum, which protects the world Hindu community, provides resolution based on Dharma issues faced by the world Hindu community and humankind at large through real actions is very much needed. The World Hindu Federation headquartered in Nepal has in the in the past decades been able to uphold the Vision and Mission of the world’s Hindu.

With the changes that has taken place in the Nepalese government system, the political chaos that has taken place and the victory of the Maoist to run the government, the World Hindu Federation fades into the background. The forum weakens no longer be able to perform its main duties well. Because of this reason, via several meetings and discussions, particularly with several former WHF leaders (Vice Presidents), an initiative sprang up to continue the Vision and Mission of the World Hindu Federation through a summit of world Hindu leaders in 2012, the World Hindu Summit 2012.

Four Pillars (Catus Pat): Dewan Persatuan Ashram Bali (The Council of Bali Ashrams Association),  PHDI (Hindu Dharma Parisad Indonesia), Forum Rektor Bali (Bali University Presidents Forum) and the Bali Government, both Provincial and Regencies worked and supported the World Hindu Summit 2012 (WHS 2012). This was a milestone momentum of World’s Hindu unity.

The World Hindu Summit 2012 produced the Bali Charter.

The Bali Charter

We, the delegates of World Hindu Summit 2012 held at Denpasar Bali 9 June thru  12 June 2012, after profound deliberations, declare and resolve:

 To unify the spiritual and seva activities of Hindu globally.

  • To promote the human values expounded by Hindu Dharma Shastras (scriptures) and imbibed in Hindu Culture namely, Satyam (Truth), Shivam (Wisdom), and Sundaram (Purity) universally.
  • To promote Equal Respect among various Religions.
  • To work to establish Mutual Respect for Harmonious world.
  • Need to set up “World Hindu Parishad” an organization to unify Hindu, coordinate activities and propagate Hindu Dharma globally.
  • Need to set up “World Hindu Centre” at Bali to fulfill the above objective.
  • We also agree to hold annual “World Hindu Wisdom Meet” at Denpasar Bali under the auspice of World Hindu Centre.
  • To give opportunity to Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia to assume responsibility to establish Working Committee with two main tasks:
  1. Preparing World Hindu Wisdom Meet 2013
  2. To design the organization of the World Hindu Parisad

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