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Governor of Bali

Ratu Pedanda Sane Dahat Suciang Titiang

His Holiness All Gurus from Friendly Countries

The Head of Bali Parliament and

Coordinating Forum of The Local Head in Bali

All Delegations, Ladies and Gentlemen

May we great you with our Balinese greeting Om Swastiastu, may God bless us all

With the God blessing, we are able to gather here in such a peaceful condition to attend the opening ceremony of World Hindu Summit that held on 9th June 2012

On this special occasion, let me extend my gratitude and appreciation to the organizing committee for choosing Bali as the place for World Hindu Summit venue. To all delegations, especially the overseas, we would like to say welcome in Bali and hopefully, the atmosphere of Bali could give inspiration and high motivation in this event

In my point of view, this meeting has a strategic position in the world hindu community because there are many problems and challenges in the social and religious life. Moreover, the negative impact of the social life development as well as the technology could influence the moral ethic and global culture development.

Realizing the problem and challenges particularly facing by hindu peoples  and generally by all the peoples in the world, the theme of this event “Harmony and peace to the world from island of gods Bali Indonesia” as relevant to give a guideline on all agenda of this meeting.

From the theme above adapting the local genius of Bali which is known as Tri Hita Karana, I hope can be formulated in this meeting, either about the harmony among people, between people and the god, between people and the environment. This philosophy can be beneficially give motivation to create peace and comfort at doing religious activity. The harmonious of social life among people by praising ethic moral and attitude in the society. For that reason people is motivated to build love and friendship with the environment.

In relation to create harmony between people and environment, Bali provincial government has a program of Bali Clean and Green it is implementing by developing cleanliness program, organic agriculture and other development sector to support a better and healthy world climate.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Thought the supreme God Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa we hope this event can strengthen the world hindu institution from 1980 which was builds in Nepal by the name World Hindu Federation or at least this meeting can create formulations to direct the establishment of the World Hindu Institution

For all delegation, I do invite you to visit the Bali art Festival which will be opened officially tomorrow 10th of June by our President. This annual festival will be held until 9th of July 2012. On this festival there will be attractions of Balinese art and culture which is inspired by Balinese Hindu

Ladies and gentlemen

That is all my speech and I hope this meeting will bring us beneficial conclusion for development of Hindu life to create peace, justice and prosperity to this world.

Finally with Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa the almighty gods blessing, I officially open this World Hindu Summit. Thank you

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om

May be peaceful

The Governor of Bali

Made Mangku Pastika

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