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Head of PHDI

Our highly respect to The Holy Priest, Dharma Gurus from all over the World

His Excellencies,

Governor Province Bali Mr. I Made Mangku Pastika

Dharma Adyaksa Hindu Dharma Council of Indonesia, Ida Pedanda Sebali Tianyar Arimbawa

Deal delegates and observer World Hindu Summit 2012

Om Swastiastu

First of all let us pray and worship to the grace of Almighty God for His blessing so we can come together in this World Hindu Summit 2012. On behalf of Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia and Indonesia Hindu society, we warmest welcome to Bali, Indonesia

We appreciate and thank you for coming to our lovely island with richness cultural and natures beauty, known as the island of gods.

Like the welcome dance presented by Balinese girls, may the atmosphere of Bali inspiring this summit to reach its ultimate goal

We very proud to host our respectful guest on World Hindu Summit 2012 in Bali, we hope your visit in Bali as meaningful and everyone have a good experience after observed Balinese culture

World Hindu organization constitute a rightfully proud of Hindu Indonesia, because implementation of the activity as a forum ti convey the message of respectful acceptance, harmony, peace and tolerance. We do hope the World Hindu Summit will successfully discussing with all member of delegation and observers. This is an unique opportunity to advance intra-religious understanding, and also inter-religious cooperation for peace and welfare development globally.

Many issue faced by the hindu communities worldwide, and everyone hope the summit emerge positive response in its general discussion. When different meet and encounter one another at the global level, triggered by the advancement of information and transportation, a cultural market place formed

The hectic of such a culture market place is sparked by interaction of deeper worldviews in the global village, and more complicated by inter-ethic, inter-class, inter-regional and international conflict and interest therefore competition are inevitable.

In various events and meetings, you will be kindly requested to share some concrete of inter religious actions on issue such as poverty, good governance, and religious diversity on education

We hope your visit in Bali as meaningful, and all delegations will be share the most valuable experience that enriched the discussion of this Summit

Thank you for offering us an unique opportunity to flower the global friendship of Hindu worldwide, to feel the warmest brotherhood of the Dharma Guru of the world, to reach the fruitful result together, to face the Jayanti future of Hindu Worldwide

We apologize for approximately to receive you in this moment. Have a nice stay in Bali, Indonesia Thank You.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om

Denpasar 9th of June 2012

Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia

Executive Chairman

S.N Suwisma

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