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World Hindu Wisdom Meet 2018


Hindu for Better Life


World Hindu Parisad (WHP) will conduct its 6th annual World Hindu Wisdom Meet (WHWM) 2018 on 23-25 June 2018 at the Ksirarnawa Hall, Bali Art Center with the theme HINDU FOR BETTER LIFE.

          The theme is chosen on the basis of the present quality of life of Hindu people in Bali and outside of Bali—in Indonesia and other parts of the world—that requires an improvement. Hindu Religious institutions, Hindu Educational institutions, domestic and abroad need to sit together to formulate ways to elucidate Hindu practices to the Hindu community so that people has clear understanding of their faith to improve quality of life. For this purpose, Hindu institutions need to share their views at the World Hindu Wisdom Meet 2018. The ideas and knowledge of the various leaders can be put together into a manual for a better life.  

Hindu has sastra or written resources that teach how to lead a perfect life. Ideally, there should be many Hindu people who lead a perfect life. A happy life is the goal of every individual. The reality, however, shows that there are still far too many Hindu people who live in poverty, in ignorant, and many are suffering. There has to be an effort done to uplift the suffering into a better life. There are various indicators of a happy life, sukerta sakala lan niskala or  happy materially and spiritually, which  by the Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI) is formulated as “mokshartham jagadhita ya ca iti dharma.” How to find solutions for Hindu people to come out of poverty, ignorant, and suferring toward a better life? This question moves World Hindu Parisad (WHP) to choose the theme: HINDU for BETTER LIFE at the upcoming World Hindu Wisdom Meet (WHWM) 2018 with the hope that the Hindu leaders present at the event will be able to come up with a book, a Hindu Manual for Better Life. That is the essence of the event as stated by the Chairperson of the Organizing Committee cum the Secretary General of WHP, Mr. I Ketut Donder, Ph.D.

The specific purpose of WHWM 2018 is to unite the various Hindu Human Resources to ensure that the Hindu intellectual capital can face intellectual challenges; to make inventory of Hindu Natural Resources as a capital for social improvement; and to strengthen the faith of Hindu people on the truth of their scriptures, which are based on the universal teachings of the Vedas that can be applied following any specific place (desa), time (kala) and condition (patra) in resolving challenges faced by the Hindu people.  

The speakers for WHWM 2018 are from Indonesia and abroad representing the global Hindu wisdom to provide clearer understanding of the Hindu Dharma that are based on the Vedas to improve the quality of life of Hindu people. Confirmed speakers are: Swami Paramatmananda Saraswati (India), Sri Mahesh Giriji (India), Ajay Singh  (India), Swami Anand Krishna (Anand Ashram-Indonesia), Shri Prakash Lohia (India), , Ngakan Putu Putra, SH., MA (Indonesia), Shri Satpal Maharaj Ji (India), Prof. Dr. Ir. I Gde Pitana, M.Sc (Indonesia), I Gede Sudibya (Indonesia), and Dr. Chandra Sagaran (Malaysia). Equally, the invited participants are from Indonesia and abroad both individuals and representative of institutions such as the Central and Regional PHDI (Indonesian Hindu Parisad), Perkumpulan Pasraman Indonesia (The association of Indonesian Ashrams), Representative of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, NGOs and other Indonesian Hindu Organizations, and Representatives of Hindu students of various Indonesian universities.  

Mr. Ketut Donder encourages the social responsibility of Hindu people to build a good, strong, knowledgable and divine Hindu human resources. The WHWM committee welcomes the support and contribution of all people concerned together to develop a resilient civilized Hindu human resources. Our hope is that the World Hindu Parisad can be utilized to spread the Dharma Teaching globally.   

Observing the increasingly competitiveness of the globalized world, WHP President, the Honorable Made Mangku Pastika sees the necessity of Hindu leaders to foster a new spirit embodying good examples of social improvement. Efforts of social improvement must begin with improvement of Hindu leaders’ spiritual quality as part of social capital. People with social capital generally gain the respect of the community at large. The Bali Province government under the leadership of Governor Made Mangku Pastika encapsulates a happy life into a vision called BALI MANDARA. An acronym for four indicators of a  happy life, namely: MA = MAju (Progressive); N = amaN (Secure); DA = Damai (Peaceful); and RA = sejahteRA (prosperous). Thus, happy living according to BALI MANDARA vision is 1) progressive, 2) secure, 3) peaceful, and 4) prosperous. The output and outcome of World Hindu Wisdom Meet (WHWM) 2018 with the theme HINDU for BETTER LIFE will be formulated as empowerment strategies and guidelines for Hindu people to a enjoy a better quality of life.

Member of WHP Governing Council, Prof. I Made Bakta states that the output/outcome of World Hindu Wisdom Meet 2018 is going to be published as a book to be disseminated widely as a reference to solve life challenges. This outcome is expected to motivate Hindu intellectuals to conduct more scientific academic  studies of the various potentials of Hindu Teachings’ social and spiritual properties to inspire optimism in Hindu people for a better life, a better future.

The WHWM 2018 International Seminar will be enriched by artistic peformances: Drama and Art of Sanskriti; Drama on the History of Ancient Hindu Maharishis who came to Bali; Ancient Hindu Martial Art of Silambam  Malaysia in collaboration with Pasraman Seruling Dewata Bali.

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