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President of Indonesia




Denpasar 10 June 2012

Om Swastiastu,

Peace and prosperity to all of us

Excellencies distinguished Minister of the second united cabinet

Excellencies distinguished Ambassadors of friendly countries and Chief of International Organization

The Distinguished Governor of the province Bali

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentleman

Tonight it is a sense of deep gratitude to all mighty Lord, we are able to attend of opening ceremony of 34th Bali Cultural Festival that has become an annual cultural of the peoples of Bali.

This year Bali Cultural Festival will be accompanied by the declaration of the World Hindu Summit, that we conduct  on Taman Budaya Denpasar, Bli

Through this good opportunities, let me welcome and also congratulate those participants of The Bali Cultural Festival, be them from Bali and throughout Indonesia and even to those other countries

For those tourist from all over the world, let me welcome you to enchanted heavenly island, which at the same time attending this annual festival that is attractive, unique and held only once a year

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, Paras Paros dynamics within togetherness which is become a central theme for this year Bali Cultural Festival hold very deep meaning

Dynamics and Togetherness become two key words that can promote the formation of creative ideas. This theme can refresh our identity, expand our creativity and nurture our ethic and also deepening our sense of art

This theme also provides us with inspiration to consolidate unity, sense of togetherness and tolerance  which now has become our joint effort to force a way of live  that is more civilized.

This way of life must be based on peace, brotherhood and harmony be it amongst community groups abd even between nation.

Ladies and Gentlemen

On this month we will be a witness of almost all type of Balinese art and culture that perform through lively cultural parade, exhibition of attractive art

The procession in Bali Cultural Festival is also important medium to build the nations culture, particularly on facing the challenges of today. Bali Cultural Festival may serve as a bastion in preserving philosophy, value and creativity that continue to learn on the strong root of tradition. The roots of tradition will be build on gentleness of morals and Balinese community values that are religious.

Often have I said that Bali Cultural Festival is a platform to demonstrate creativity and innovatin from Balinese artist not only to Bali Community but also to global community

The Bali cultural Festival is extended to be a windows of information a gateway for communication amongst cultures while simultaneously also from cultural diplomacy amongst nations

 In this regard, in our effort to introduce the Balinese culture to the world we should be proud. At this moment the culture of Subak is the manifest of philosophy of Balinese community Tri Hita Karana. The relation between man, relation between man and nature and the relation between man and God which have been submitted to be included in The World Heritage List.

God willing the adoption of the culture of subak as one of landscape World Cultures to be implementatiedat the ens of june during the 36th UNESCO World Heritage Committee in ST Peterburg Russia. As we have succeeded in the past we hope that our effort this tme will be successful

 Distinguished gues, ladies and gentleman, at the same time with Bali Cultural Festival held World Hindu Summit 2012 and I welcome the delegation of The World Hindu Summit that for the first time is held on this beautiful Island.

The World Hindu Summit may be a bridge to more intensive communication amongst Hindu Organizations world wide and also for Hindu distinguished figure from all over the world.

Harmony for the world that has been central theme of the World Hindu Summit is reflects the noble commitment and dedication of the international Hindu Community. The Hindu International Community serve as unifying force not only amongst Hindu followers worldwide, but also with followers of other religions, by promoting the principles of harmony, peace and the prosperity of all humanity. As we step from this beautiful island, we hope we will be enlightened with tremors of peace and tolerance that move in all directions throughout the World

At this meeting the Hindu followers can produce joint statement to promote a spirit of tolerance, be it amongst Hindu followers, and also with followers of other religions in order to establish world peace. This spirit flows from the value of truth, pureness and beauty, that have actualized through the harmony amongst humanity worldwide. A true contribution for global peace, which we all must appreciate together

Ladies and Gentlemen

As I conclude my statement, let me invite all the participants of Bali Cultural Festival, to make this celebration a cultural icon of  international standard. Let us make Bali Cultural Festival a forum to promote friendship amongst nations, while also establishing a sense of togetherness in the pursuits of creating a world that is peaceful, just and prosperous. We must be concerned and saddened that on many part of the world, human tragedy and violence continue to persist. For that very reason on this island, Indonesia calls upon all nations of the world to return to peaceful means in resolving any kinds of conflict

Sawing eternal peace is not only an opportunity, but also a choice that we must pursue together. To the entire participants of the World Hindu Summit 2012, I hope you may establish communications amongst the Hindu followers worldwide. I also hope that this World Hindu Summit convered in Bali may bring a deep meaning fot the implementation of universal values of Veda Holy Script, so as to contribute towards greater tolerance and harmony amongst people

And finally, by first seeking the blessing if the lord the All Mighty, for Bali Cultural Festival 2012, I Declare officially open. And also with the spirit of togetherness and harmony amongst Hindu Worldwide, from this beautiful island, let me declare World Hindu Summit 2012

Thank you

Wassalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Om Shanti, Shanti Shanti Om

Denpasar 10 June 2012

President of Republic Indonesia

DR. H Susili Bambang Yudhoyono

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