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Result Day 1

Day 1: June 9, 2012

Resume of the Meeting

The Chairman of the Steering Committee of the World Hindu Summit, Professor I Made Bakta, in his message stated that there are two (2) purposes of World Hindu Summit, which are:

Preparation and signing of the Bali Charter, which would be based on the values of  peace and harmony based on the Dharma Values: Sathyam-Truth, Sivam-Wisdom, and Sundaram-Beauty. It would also incorporate the indigenous Balinese wisdom of ‘Tri Hita Karana’ of harmony with God, human beings and the environment. Thus the Bali Charter followed by the Bali Message or Bali Road Map consists of: (1) Spiritual and Values-Based Living, (2) Humanity and Wealth Development, and (3) Environmental and Sustainable Development.

To initiate establishment of an independent world Hindu organization as an umbrella body for Hindus world-wide which serve as a basis for facing current and future Global challenges for Hindus around the world.

Chairman of the Steering Committee of World Hindu Summit, also stressed that respect and mutual acceptance is a must to build peace and harmony.

Distinguished speakers: H.H. Swami Vigyananand, H.H. Kawicandra Swami, H.H. Pedanda Putra Telabah, H.H. Guru Amrender Muniji Maharaj, H.H. Yogi Devaraj, H.H. Swami Paramatmananda Saraswati, H.H. Simhesvara Dasa, H.H. Varadan Chandar, H.H. Swami Sai Ravichandran delivered their messages which in summary were:

Establishing an organization is not just a declaration on a paper- it needs sustained commitment, strong efforts, and adequate resources.

The Hindu civilization has survived throughout the millennia, facing challenges in every age. It has more than 1 billion followers worldwide. This survival is by the grace of God Almighty. At the same time Hindu followers have to accept the responsibility of carrying forward the faith and values for future generations.

The growth of Balinese culture and history has shown the strong linkages between the Dharma values of Hinduism in the culture of the local people for centuries.

The word “Hindu” itself means someone who keeps away from violence.  Thus a person who has dharmic attitudes and behaviors is a Hindu by nature.

The core of Dharma values is consciousness of the Self in wholeness and unity. Thus the World Hindu Summit from Bali should lead a world view of Dharmic people to live in mutual acceptance and tolerance. These Dharma values aid in the development of Health, Happiness, and Harmony.

Bali is a prominently Hindu island which is still actively practicing Hinduism in every aspect of their daily life.  Therefore all Hindus world-wide should be committed to encourage Balinese Hindus to inspire the world with their culture and values

Distinguished speakers appreciated the initiative taken by Bali to organize the World Hindu Summit and strongly supported the idea of unity of Hindus world-wide as an independent confederation. The distinguished speakers also expect Bali to play a leading role in the cooperation of international Hindu development.

“ Vaisudaiva Kutumbakam” (the brotherhood of human beings) to be inserted as part of the Bali Charter.

World Hindu Summit

Day 1: June 9, 2012

Chairpersons of the Meeting,

Chairman K. S. Arsana, S.Psi.
Vice Chairman Dr. Kusum Vyas
Secretary Padmini Raina
Member Drs. R. Gopala Krishna, SH, MBA
Member Varadan Chandra

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