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Result Day 2

Day 2nd: June 10, 2012

Resume of the Meeting

Basically all distinguish speakers agreed to:

Declare and commit  to Bali Charter

Support the idea to establish a worldwide umbrella organization.

Support Bali as the headquarter of the organization

The substances of the Bali Charter will be discuss and decide in the third day of the Summit

The speakers also suggest the forum to consider the following issues:

The definition of Vaisudaiva Kutumbakam should not be confined to human being, but it should include all God’s creatures;

Tremendous world change affecting human life;

Create harmony within ourselves first and then develop capacity enabling us to offer the harmony to the world

Hindu has rich human values that lead us to achieve shanty within ourselves, within social life and within the universe;

There are decimation and exploitation problem for Hindu follower in Indonesia;

The importance of soft power (shakti) to bring harmony into our life and to the world;

Those who do not exuberate with peace and do not feel love for humanity have moved away from religion;

As part of the oldest culture in the world, the Hindu Dharma, it is our responsibility to take this message to every nook and corner of the planet;

The essence of the Tri Hita Karana should be included in the Bali Charter;

In practical life, Indonesian Hindus experience discrimination and exploitation;

The importance of Hindu brotherhood as has been shown by Balinese in helping Indian migrants in North Sumatera  to preserve their Hindu identity, should be extended to all Hindus all over the world ;

Ida Pedanda Istri Sidemen, Live Member of World Hindu Federation, remind and suggest the Summit to consider, recognized and give proper appreciation to the link and continuation that has been achieved by World Hindu Federation.

World Hindu Summit

Day 2nd: June 10, 2012

Chairpersons of the Meeting,

Chairman DR. I Gde Made Sadguna, SE., MBA.
Vice Chairman Swami Paramatmananda Saraswati
Secretary Swami Vigyananand
Member Sister Janaki
Member Prof. Subhas

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