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Result Day 3

Day 3rd: June 11, 2012

Resume of the Meeting:

  1. Participants of the Summit agreed on the Bali Charter and its contents as shown below.
  2. Chairpersons of the Meeting have given their comments to the Bali Charter, approved it and expect to implement it soonest inform of real actions.
  3. Some participants of the Summit proposed to insert Balinese local wisdom “Tri Hita Karana” as content of the Bali Charter, and after this proposal has been discussed finally agreed that spirit of “Tri Hita Karana” accommodated on item “WISDOM” of the Bali Charter.
  4. Hinduism have to actively take actions in taking care of environment by minimizing Himsa (violence) actions and increasing Ahimsa (non-violance) actions.



We, the delegates of World Hindu Summit 2012 held at Denpasar Bali, 9 June thru 12 June 2012, after profound deliberations, declare and resolve:

  • To unify the spiritual and seva activities of Hindu globally.
  • To promote the human values expounded by Hindu Dharma Shashtras (scriptures) and imbibed in Hindu Culture namely, Satya (Truth), Shivam (Wisdom), and Sundaram (Purity) universally.
  • To promote Equal Respect among various Religions.
  • To work to establish Mutual Respect for Harmonious world.
  • Need to set up “World Hindu Parisadh” an organization to unify Hindu, coordinate activities and propagate Hindu Dharma globally.
  • Need to set up “World Hindu Centre” at  Bali to fulfill the above  objective.
  • We also agree to hold annual “World Hindu Wisdom Meet at Denpasar Bali under the auspice of World Hindu Centre.
  • To give opportunity to Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia to assume responsibility to establish Working Committee with two main tasks:

1. Preparing World Hindu Wisdom Meet 2013”.

2. To design the organization of the World Hindu Parisadh.

World Hindu Summit

Day 3: June 11, 2012

Chairpersons of the Meeting,

Chairman Prof. I Made Bakta
Vice Chairman  
Member H.H. Swami Sai Ravichandran
Member Yanto Jaya, SH.

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